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August 30 2013

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August 28 2013

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August 21 2013

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August 20 2013

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Drew Barrymore photographed by Ellen von Unwerth for Playboy, January 1995
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As Madonna's birthday photos are distasteful (to say the least), it's probably better to focus on something of more quality. Sex by Steven Meisel, October 1992 (fragment)
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Madonna photographed by Steven Meisel for Vanity Fair, October 1992 (to celebrate the book release. To be honest, I hate the use of the Lolita theme in that particular shot [with all my love towards Madonna, her looks always make me think of an experienced prostitute, or rather a madam, a very experienced madam] but it is very pretty in terms of colours so I tried to get the extract and remove the Lolita touch. Compare with the rest of the gallery in the source link)
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Edie Campbell in Dolce & Gabbana by David Sims for Vogue, September 2013
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